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Who are we?

Silices Pour Tous is a company specialized in providing high quality silica sands, limestone and synthetic fibers for various applications : equestrian surfaces, racetracks, jumping arenas, polo fields, golf courses, artificial beaches, drilling, filtration and construction.

Why choose us?


Silices Pour Tous provides to its customers an expertise and a know-how, in order to fill the needs of silica sand depending on the geographic location. Silices Pour Tous is the ideal partner for all your projects with its network of silica sand quarries and its worldwide distribution.

Value for money:

Silices Pour Tous gives you access to the best quality / price rate and offers you the cheapest rates for high performance silica sands extracted from the best national quarries. In addition, you benefit from our consulting services and support for free.


Silices Pour Tous promises to respond within 5 working days for any quote with transport included. We strive to allow loading or delivery in a timely manner and in accordance with your expectations.

FAQ related to equestrian surfaces:

  • Can I use any kind of sand?

No, watch some kind of sand does not fit this application: Semi-crushed sand (abrasive), sand 0/2 or 0/4 (grains too big, loose), sand-run (presence of stones ), masonry sand (clay).

  • Why silica sands are better?

Our micro-sands are specially selected to match perfectly the requirements of equestrian riding surfaces. These products allow you to obtain a firm ground and require little maintenance.

  • What are the advantages of riding surfaces made with your micro-sands?

The benefits are numerous: the drainage is better, the soil is suitable with all types of weather and prevents the horse from slipping or sinking by protecting the tendons and ligaments.
You can practice more with a horse happier and healthier.

On the other hand, the soil requires little maintenance and represents a lasting investment in time.

  • What about the delivery?

Once payment is received we will contact you to schedule dates and time of delivery according to your preferences. We deliver every day of the week except weekends and holidays.